30 days and Birthday in Belgium!

First things First!

So I completed 30 days and also celebrated my birthday for the first time in a foreign country, with a foreign family and in a foreign way. Okay so I’ll just narrating start from the weekend right now Because this was the first weekend after the school started and I was actually looking forward to it. Like in India I was excited for weekends but was never really hoping that it would arrive sooner. I’ve heard a lot of influencers and motivational speakers telling people not to live for the weekends and before coming to Belgium I thought that nobody actually lives for the weekends. But I was mistaken.

What I find terribly wrong with Education system here 📚 📖 :

The thing that Disturb me the most is the amount of time actually wasted in school. In India the school is generally for about six or six and half hours and here in Belgium The school is for seven hours or sometimes eight. But still when I return home it’s around 5:00 pm At first I could not imagine why this was happening but then I found out, and that there are lots of breaks in Belgium.Every two hours here, people get a small break and there is also one big break of 50 minutes. Also the thing is students have to go to class of the teacher while in Belgium and it’s vice versa in India . And believe me or not I actually think that that is the reason why so much time is wasted. When all the students have to go to a different building, some students obviously arrive a little late to the class and the teachers don’t start without all the students to present. In India, teachers comes to class, So he or she can immediately start teaching because all students are present in only one class . There are so many breaks that it actually feels like you are having breaks more than even studying. But looking at the positive side, there is a lot of use of smart school here. It is really helpful because whatever the teacher teaches from the PowerPoint presentations is actually with you all the time in your smart school.

The weekend fiasco: Saturday

So the weekend started off pretty good but it took some turns which I didn’t predict. First on the Saturday morning, my host mother told me that in the evening we would go to pizzeria. Now you guys know how much I like pizza so it’s obvious that I was excited. I was like literally counting hours until evening. When we did it reach there I found out that my host family was actually giving me a surprise! They took me to a pizzeria Which also served Indian food and so they decided that we all should have Indian food. I could not believe my luck, It is the worst that any person could have got. Now I could see other people in restaurant having pizzas 🍕 Meanwhile my sorry self was asking if the biryani was available in vegetarian. The owner or the assumed owner was a Punjabi and we Indians bond instantly when we see another Indian. She gave us some drinks which are free on the house and also give me a tikka masala sauce because she somehow knew that I wouldn’t find Biriyani spicy enough. That’s the thing that I don’t like is, Indians living in different parts of the world should make the Indian food how it’s supposed to be made. Now if you go to an Indian restaurant the food should be according to the Indian standards, can you imagine eating biryani in India and finding that it not only has elachi but is also not spicy.?!

The weekend: Sunday!

We decided on Saturday night that we would go to a big shopping mall on sunday early morning, so I set the alarm for 6:30 in the morning now of course I did not wake up at 6:30 but instead of seven. I could hear my host mother calling out my name and I imagined that we were late. Instead she told me that we were not going to the mall because she’s not feeling well. She recently had an operation and so I assumed that it would be a side-effect. Now already I was awake at seven, it was weekend and I had nothing to do! Now that wouldn’t be an ideal weekend of course! At the afternoon we went cycling to small mall which is near the house and the road was really beautiful I tried to take a video and I Almost had an accident. The rest of the day went quickly. I watched a Gujarati movie on Amazon prime, talked to my host mother and did a few other things that I really enjoyed

My Birthday 🎁: I am now of legal age to drink beer in Belgium 🇧🇪!

*Birthday song in background* Finally I turned 16! My birthday midnight my mom dad and my sister called me but guess what? I was sleeping! When I woke up in the morning my host mother gifted me a pullover sweater and also a sweet birthday card. My host father also gave me a birthday card in which he drew the paw 🐾 of his pet dog Sam. He did it with a pen but of course it is a good effort! Then after school I went to my second host family where we all ate pasta. They then celebrated my birthday with cupcakes which were prepared by my 10-year-old host brother Tobias! After that they gave me a swimming costume but unfortunately it was a little small for me. I really Enjoyed celebrating my birthday in Belgium, but at the same time I was a little sad because I really missed my family.


Every day there are lots of thoughts running inside my brain which come out in the form of this philosophy. I’m always confused as to why Parents in Belgium are so cool and comfortable with their children having relationships. I think it’s most of the world except of Asia that has unorthodox thinking. Like when I went to the house of my second host family, I came to know that my 10-year-old host brother has a girlfriend?!! And on top of that his 18 years old brother and his father were really cool with it! I mean literally I was thinking about it the whole night. Just try and imagine the same situation in India! It would be impossible for parents to be so comfortable with relationships in India. Their most used answer will be, “ This is not your age to do things like this “ at some point in my heart I agree with them but I also know this is the reason why Indian kids are not very open With their parents. I think in India, every child’s activity is either grouped by right or wrong. I think parents need to understand at some point that The children take some rough decisions In their youth and if parents try to avoid each rough decision then it can only lead to 2 outcomes: one that the child will never understand by himself that what is right and what is wrong and second he would feel that he has no freedom and would ultimately stop telling parents about the decision he is about to make because he would know that his parents wouldn’t agree with it. Also I think parents Should now realise that sometimes taking a fall Is actually better than playing it safe.

Okay that’s it for now I’ll be sharing a few photos with yall here