Rotary youth exchange to Belgium: 27 days over… already!

The arival to Belgium 🇧🇪:

After a long and exhausting flight I finally arrived to Belgium. It’s a beautiful country to say the least. When I first entered the Belgium airport, I was little nervous and to be honest who wouldn’t be? I mean you leaving your family and friends behind for 11 months and you’re going to a country where surprisingly none of your relatives live. After I collected my baggage and was ready to go to the area where my new family and a new life was waiting.

Meeting the families 🤗:

As I was walking, my heart was in my throat. In that moment I realised, everything was not so easy as it looked from a distance. But now having chosen this way of life fully and completely I begin to walk. First I saw my Youth exchange officer Mario and his wife Vanessa.They raised their hand to indicate they were waiting for me there and I don’t know why but in return I raised ‘yo’ sign ( The one used in concerts 😐) then I also saw my first and second host families. They greeted me with so much warmth and affection that I immediately became comfortable. Overall I was very very excited to meet them and it looked to me as if they were too.

Embarrassing moments of day one: 🤫

Okay so as if raising a ‘yo’ sign was Not enough, I made a fool of myself plenty of other times. Apparently the first question I asked to Mario was about the number of beer brands in Belgium. And he said according to the Rotary rules I was Not allowed to drink. It was clear from his expressions that he was making fun of me. After we exited the airport, we used the lift to go down to the basement because the cars were parked there.While entering the Lift, I could not control the pace of the trolley and I bumped it slightly in the mirror of the lift, then Vanessa of course cracked a joke in Dutch which I could not understand and when she did explain it to me, I found out that she was making fun of me. She said that in Belgium lifts are not insured and so it’s better if I don’t bump my trolley against the mirror.

My First Host Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧:

My first host family is really really good. They are very caring and have made me feel at home from the first day itself. Also they have two dogs🐕, Three cats 🐈 and four chicken 🐓 My host sister Tine has now left for Chile 🇨🇱 but I was lucky to spend a few days with her. So far I have realised that it is far greater joy to talk to other people about your country, your life, you culture than to just sit at the table and talk to your friends back home. My first host family has also helped me in everything: from inquiring at school to going to City Hall for the identity cards they have been at my side every time.

Odd things and my philosophy:

Belgium is pretty cool (Both figuratively and literally) but I found it odd that The books in Belgium are in dutch! Of course I knew it before I came to Belgium but when I saw the books and papers for the first time in dutch it’s literally shook me. Apart from that I also realised that there is a lot of distance between the family members in Belgium. Because in India people in family are like really really close. Also one thing that I found remarkably odd was : in Belgium You could live a whole life and you won’t even realise that you lived it whereas in India you’re aware of every moment passing by. It’s like in India you enjoy living more because you somehow know that your life is going by. What I mean by enjoy living more is that you live more freely. You don’t wait for another day you, just go get it. Maybe what I’m saying is true or maybe I’m just homesick.

For Everyone who is worried about my school and studies 🎓:

The school is going fine. I can’t understand anything because the lessons are all in Dutch and I feel sleepy all the time. So the reason why I say school is fine because I am I am making new friends. I hope I’ll get dutch soon enough because most of the teachers and students don’t speak very good English and so they can’t really explain me what is going on in the class.

Songs I’ve been listening 🎶 🎵 :

After an exhausting class which is every day one side by divine

When I think Things are going well then Jeet by Ritviz

Also a few other rap songs by Divine and Naezy. Other than that because it auto shuffles I have to compulsorily listen to Bekhayali, Maery Sohneia and few other love songs

And to sleep I listen to Arijit Singh because songs are so complex that I can’t comprehend them and so I feel sleepy also listen to Akhil sometimes because I like the tunes.

Abhi ke liye itna hi, agli bar milenge aur updates ke sath tab tak khush rahe aur meri chinta na karen 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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